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The light meter app built by photographers, for photographers. Get perfect exposures every time.

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Take your best shot

With Light Meter Ultra's state-of-the-art exposure algorithm and shooting modes, your exposures will never have looked better.


Precision exposure

Capture every detail with Light Meter Ultra’s scene-aware exposure algorithm. Configurable with full, half or third-stop exposure increments and adjustable exposure ranges to pair seamlessly with all your existing equipment.

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Ease of use

Readings at a glance

Get the exact readings you need for your camera by simply pointing your device at the scene. Or, lock the light reading into place and experiment with alternative input parameters interactively.

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Custom shooting profiles

Create quick-select profiles for each of your cameras, lenses and film types. Spend less time fiddling in the settings and more time taking great photos.

Light Meter Ultra's profile selector


Always in your pocket

Light Meter Ultra for iPhone eliminates the need for another piece of hardware. Just grab your camera and you’re ready to go.

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Trusted by 1000s

Join talented photographers from across the globe who are already maximizing the potential of their photography with Light Meter Ultra.

App Store Review 5-star rating

The best of the best and so accurate!

I am a professional photographer and Director of photography working on both coasts, so as you can imagine, I am constantly in need of a check for exposure in between shots and set ups, and although I do have my trusty spectra, pro light meter, being able to check and double check, my readings with this app makes my life much much easier!

If you’re wondering whether this is worth the subscription price, then I ask you aren’t you are perfectly exposed shots virtually priceless???

App Store Review 5-star rating


I found this app through Reddit and I’m so impressed!! I can’t afford a nice light meter and this app has never failed me. Super easy to use. At this point I don’t even think I’ll buy a light meter! Can’t recommend this app highly enough

App Store Review 5-star rating

The best and most accurate

I have now tried this app for my Leica MA, it just works like a charm. You can have different profiles for different cameras, and lenses. I have shot 5 rolls of portra 400, exposure is on point using this app. Definitely worth the money.

—Frederik Bonde
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