Press and Media Kit

App briefing and resources for reporters and journalists covering Light Meter Ultra, including downloadable app icons, screenshots, and lifestyle photography.

App Overview

In 2020, Tristan Celder, Founder of Ultrafine, was looking for a light meter app. “I was fed up with losing otherwise great photos to poor exposure. I wanted an app that was super accurate and easy to use but none of the existing apps were even close to what I was looking for,” says Celder.

Drawing from his experience creating award-winning apps, including the Apple Design Award winner Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals, Celder and his team set to work on creating a light meter app that would make it easy to get great exposures every time.

Celder notes, “Rather than recreating the limitations of a mechanical light meter in digital form, as some apps had decided to do, we realized that we could give people much better results if we fully embraced the capabilities and conveniences of digital.

“We created an interface that’s quite unlike anything before it, but still feels obvious once you start using it. The idea is to get out of the photographer’s way as much as possible – so that they’re able to focus on composition.”

The result is a crystal clear interface that feels transparent in use. A state-of-the-art exposure algorithm ensures every measurement yields a perfectly balanced exposure, and custom shooting profiles ensure compatibility with all existing cameras, lenses, and film stocks.

To date, Light Meter Ultra has been downloaded by over a quarter of a million photographers across the globe.


Light Meter Ultra is available exclusively on iOS with translations in English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.

App Store Link:

App Icons

SVG and PNG format app icons. Includes variants with and without the app name and with black or white text.

App Screenshots

Screenshots of the Light Meter Ultra application in PNG format. Images are provided both with and without device bezels.

Lifestyle Photography

Regular and wide-aspect lifestyle shots of Light Meter Ultra in use.

Further Information

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